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Leg Imbalance

Ok, I have to keep this short because I have to leave for work and just wanted to put this out there and will go more in depth later. I have a leg imbalance pretty much, my left leg is bigger and stronger than my right (I believe this could have been caused from soccer) and now whenever I do a leg workout, the left leg, even though its bigger and stronger seems to get a bigger pump and a faster one, also the next day my left leg is more sore than my right easily by 2 to 1. This even happens when I sprint, I did an HIIT session yesterday, first one ive done in a while. And now its the same 2 to 1 soreness. Anyone have any ideas on how i should progress? I know most will recommend lots of unilateral movements and I agree with that, single leg squats, Bulgarian split squats, and lunges and such. Looking forward to what people have to say, thank you in advance.

well you’re right, unilateral movements. Waylander has the same problem, I think L<R and he’s been doing single leg presses to compensate.

Do the main movements as your normally would and then do unilateral assistance work