Leg Frequency

I was just wondering how often do people train there legs? Im training them at the moment every 5-6 days but im starting to wonder if its best to train them once a week for knee health. I dont have any pain or anything but I would like to be in the game for a long time, would it be wise to lower the frequency then? I read in the T-Cell often and it seems like alot of lifters who have been at it for a long time have problems training legs.

What you guys think? And no im not trying to bitch out of doing leg day lol.

I have run the gamut over the years from a frequency equaling once every two weeks to my current routine of three times a week, and I’ve switched between high volume, moderate volume and low volume. I have to say that the current routine (high frequency, low volume, heavy weight) is taking its toll on my knees (no permanent injury, but lots of soreness that I have to work through). Still, I’m finding that the increased frequency has resulted in greater progress in muscle growth–my pants are all noticeably tighter in the thighs after only a few weeks using this approach.

Once a week with plenty of volume seems to work for me.

For a while I experimented with training them once a week and strarted throwing in “booster shots” on two other occasions in the same week.

For instance, if monday was leg day, I would work up to one heavy set of leg extensions and leg curls at the end of my training session on thursday and saturday.

It worked pretty well as I noticed significant inprovement in my strength when I got back to the actual leg day.

[quote]The Greek wrote:
Once a week with plenty of volume seems to work for me. [/quote]


[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
The Greek wrote:
Once a week with plenty of volume seems to work for me.


x3, only people with knee problems and mixing cardio sessions (me included) will find any problem with 1xweek, any less frequent than that I feel lazy.

I think twice a week makes a lot of sense, with 1 high volume day and one lower volume day.