Leg Extensions Will Blow Out Your Knee

i found this to be a good laugh


I agree they are worthless. Except for the deadlift. But they cite their reasoning that deadlifts “get messed up” Yeah, if you do something incorrectly of course it’s worthless. Not seeing the humor in it. It’s just an article criticizing worthless work outs and suggestion other, worthless workouts.

good mornings are a fantastic exercise often used by performance athletes and powerlifters to bring up their squats and deads.

deadlifts (done correctly) are great and probably the best exercise you can do (past squatting) for both putting on mass and burning fat. it’s not difficult (at all) to do stiff-leg properly, assuming sufficient mobility.

leg press has always been regarded as a great tool for bodybuilders to build leg mass. no, it’s nowhere near as awesome as a squat, but it builds lots of mass due to isolating the prime movers and is a suitable option for those with back issues, provided the RFESS isn’t doable.

also - i’ve always thought of as leg extensions being a great quad exercise for body building.

i could be wrong, though. i’ve always been focused on performance training/powerlifting.

i agree that the rest are trash.

MSN has some interesting things to say something, but this isn’t one of them.

I understand where the article though. People like trash work outs…

While I would love to see an article that’s like THROW OUT THAT SMITH MACHINE AND WE’ll SHOW YOU FIVE EXERCISE MUSTS"

Then the article goes on to talk about squats,deadlifts,bench press, military press and power cleans. Or just a link to tnation articles would suffice.

I have found steep decline situps (no lumbar flexion) are a great hip flexor warm-up. Flex the glutes hard at the bottom to make sure your back is set. Pop off the bench at the top and extend the hips for better effect.

Also LOL at SLDLs and GMs being worthless but they probably aren’t great for the general “work-out” population. Back raises are awesome supplementary work though, especially weighted.

I love good mornings, but what would my ass know?

that entire article: “if you do ______ wrong, you will get hurt”

Maybe I’m made weird, but I can’t keep my back flat if I hinge at my waist. Hinge at the hip.

“Instead, slightly bend the knees as you hinge at your waist. Be sure to keep the back flat. Rounding the back as you lift can lead to strain in that area.”

So that whats I’ve doing wrong.

Good mornings have been working pretty well for me

I don’t know how they could miss zerchers and what they will do to your bicepts in terms of tearing the shit out of them.

Overall, it wasn’t a horrible article. Most of what they say is junk, I agree with but they replace it with equally junky stuff. What is a bicycle crunch?

I definitely love my good mornings but I’m not sure I’d recommend them to someone who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to form.

Condemning exercises based on theory is stupid. You have to cater to the individual. Most people probably dont have the scapular structure to do heavy upright rows/btn presses without destroying their shoulders. Yet some can do them problem free. So for those few, those exercises are certainly not worthless. Same thing can be applied to the stuff listed in that article.

It also looks like it was written for people who are afraid of iron. “Dont use weights they’re dangerous, do this bodyweight bullshit instead!”

That said, I agree with #2

[quote]ouroboro_s wrote:
What is a bicycle crunch?


Only the greatest abzzz workout ever.

[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:

[quote]ouroboro_s wrote:
What is a bicycle crunch?


Only the greatest abzzz workout ever.

Okay. I can see the attraction. Screw fall outs, zerchers and bar roll outs for abs. That’s the one for me.