Leg Extensions for a Volume Exercise?

Im doing a program that is similar to WS4SB and need to bring up my quad strength. Im doing front squats as my ME exercise, speed deadlifts as a DE lift, and stepups as an accessory lift for my posterior-chain. But I need a good volume exercise to hit my quads.

I could use split squats, but these still seem to be a pretty posterior dominant exercise to me.

Ive never really been big on leg extensions, but am thinking they might be a viable option. Im not training for a sport really, but am trying to increase the amount I can do on sled pulls and sledd pushes. And this is why im thinking leg extensions might have some carryover to sled pulls.

What do you guys think? I’d be doing something like 5x10.

And if I do them should I go unilateral, or do both legs together?


What is another good accessory exercise to hit my quads hard.

Thank you.

Walking lunges, small strides, lots of them.

Don’t do Leg Extensions, your knees will thank me.

I agree with Carnage. I’ve never had so much high-volume quad domination as when doing quad-emphasized lunges(knee travels far forward). 10-20 steps per set = pure death when you’re working with a hundred or two pounds.

alright guys, thanks. I’ll be finishing up my workout today with 5x20 on walking short lunges

leg extensions used correctly will not hurt your knees, they have helped mine but it is diff. for everyone, i would honestly suggest 2x30-40 on hack squats as a widowmaker if you have it available i love them, i would use something besides step ups as well, like a ghr or the split squats with one foot on a bench really works the glutes, quads and hams

Leg extensions are fine and completly safe. Lots of strength athletes incorparte them. Pudzianowski and bolton to name a few. Extensions strengthen the rectus femoris very efficiently. As long as your not go for 1rm which some stupid ppl do it is a very imprtant injury prevention exercise.

I would pick something else like lunges or front squats.