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Leg Extension: Leg Builder Yay or Nay

Well, I was busting out another leg day with less than 50g or carbs in me and over half a cc of clen. It went pretty smooth. 225 on the front squat for a pansy, baby bitch, carb depleted poon 5 reps. I did two more but they were college boy reps so I didn’t count them. Leg press, lunges, hacks and finally some good old leg extensions to flash fry the bad boys. 4x20 and barely moving 50lbs on the stack.

So there I was torturing the shit out of myself when these two momos, sorry I’ve been reading alot of my old MDs as of late, ask me if they can work in. I noticed that they were attempting to do leg day as well. IMO a leg day without a squat ain’t a leg day in my book. So I oblige an the first billy badass scoffs at my weight and sets the pin at 180lbs.

He does full body leg extensions, grunting like a dying rhino with constipation. He does his 10 or so reps and the other momo does the same performance. At the completion of every set they slam the stack to prove how bad ass they are. On it went for 3x10 they worked up to the whole stack. Then came the half ass posing routine. A distored side tricep, followed by a chicken leg version of an ab and quad.

After that Victor and Jay go on to ask me why I don’t go heavier. I try to explain that I don’t consider the leg extension a quad builder and that I merely use them as a warm up and as a finisher. To that they scoff and make the point that the squat is overrated and that using the leg press is better. Blah blah blah. “I’ve gotten awesome results from the leg extensions,” homey tells me sporting probably 18’ wheels. At best!

I finish my set and can barely walk. Mine are close to 25 and I’m completely depleted and weighing barely 210. I simply say, “alright” and turn my Disturbed back on. I knew I was just wasting my time. Alright, sorry for the length by I had to write out this tale full of ingnorance and badasses using the entire fucking stack!

So the core of my question is: Should the leg extension be held on the same podium the might squat, The King of Quad training, is placed? Also does using the leg extension warrant the use of the entire fucking stack? Yet again I apologize for the length. I already know the answer but I want the opinions of more wise minds.

  1. No
  2. If someone’s big enough to make this answer yes, #1 becomes whatever the hell they say it is.

people want to damn the leg extensions,and I dont understand it myself.

think of it like your upper body,you have bench press which works your chest and your arms too,then you have your curls.

with legs you have the squat/leg press and the extensions.

should it be in the same league? I answer NO
should it be respected as a good leg building thing? YES
its just a different way of working a slightly different muscle group

do what you want though,.
but hows bout you try adding in,do not replace your squat,add in some really heavy extensions for about 3-4 weeks and see if it does anything.
if its a waste of time you will know,but atleast you wont really be wasting time because its an extra 5 mins out of your day and you wont be neglecting anything else.

Jesus - some paragraphs please!

Please don’t take offense. I can tell you have some good stuff to say, but after a long, tiring day, your post just hurts my eyes too much.

…just a tip if you’d like more responses.

i hate badass guys like that, who strut around the gym as if they’re the unsigned jay & dennis wolk. The love to promote how they can do a tricep press down, doing the whole stack, but can barely BP their own body weight.

i think the leg extention has it’s place, but not a great one for mass building. After all, what’s going to give you more size? Compounds or isolation work? whats going to give you bigger arms, bench pressin’ 1.5 times your body weight, or heavy tricep kick backs? haha

don’t worry about those kids…juz keep doing what your doing, it sounds like you know a lot more than them!!!

50g of carbs? i hate being depleted!

you care why exactly? I couldn’t force myself to read the whole thing but the next time someone wants to work in and what they do annoys you, perhaps say no?

I don’t think the squat can be overrated, :slight_smile:

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Well, I don’t personally even do leg extensions anymore. Nor do I think it’s a horrible piece of equipment though, I think they have there place. However, the ironic thing about guys like that is they generally won’t squat because “it’s bad for your knees,” when the truth is that heavy leg extension are probably much worse.

The other thing that gets me is when people judge you as a lifter by the one exercise they see you do. I could have been in the gym for 5 hours do a crazy torture-yourself-till-you-throw-up chest work out, and then hit the peck deck at the end just to stretch and keep the blood flowing, and have some 135 pound kid come over and comment on me going light.

The Leg Extension is good for

(1) Isolating the Quads
(2) A Killer Quad Pump

The leg extension is obviously not a big mass builder. It’s the triceps pushdown of leg training.

But a lot of bodybuilders use this exercise.

Personally I never liked the thought of going heavy on leg ext. Something about supporting A TON of weight with my legs extended like that screams at my knees. I do do them just for reps of 12-20 BURN BABY BURN…


I vote higher reps for leg extensions. Low and heavy puts too much strain on my already fragile knees

Hooray Squats! Preventing white men from dancing for over 70 years.

Please tell me someone got that.

yea use it as a finisher with high reps liek you did people do leg extensions because squats are harder and more complicated. People would rather sit down and flex there leg

not to hijack this thread but finish off legs wall sits are a good choice to try .

Personally I do like doing leg presses, but only when I go light and really try to squeeze the quad at the top. Otherwise, I feel it more as a waste if you try to go too heavy and you’re not able to really squeeze the muscle. Everyone’s different so to each his own.

While extension have their place; and can be included in all types of training(by lifters without knee issues); they are not now; nor will they ever be equal to the squat for size or functional development.

[quote]Trenchant wrote:
I vote higher reps for leg extensions. Low and heavy puts too much strain on my already fragile knees

Hooray Squats! Preventing white men from dancing for over 70 years.

Please tell me someone got that.[/quote]

Was that a Red Stripe beer commercial reference?

I agree on higher reps though for leg extensions. I like to do a few sets of 20-25 reps at the end of my quad day as a finisher. When I used to go heavy with leg extensions, my knees would feel weird after, so it’s high reps all the way these days.

AMEN! I let people work in because I’m polite. I don’t particularly care about the other trainers but I like to read that other people have my mentality. I don’t really take note of whos around me at the gym.

Its me and the target muscle until someone breaks my trance. My thoughts according to the way I was taught was you either squat or you go home. Squat heavy and deep and you can’t lose! Everything revolves around the squat.

Thats what my step-dad told me the great day that he loaded 2 quarters on the rusty olympic bar (old faithful, till they got rid of him, you will be missed my good friend). Sorry about the length of the story fellers but Id thought I should share.

[quote]AngryVader wrote:
Trenchant wrote:

Hooray Squats! Preventing white men from dancing for over 70 years.

Please tell me someone got that.

Was that a Red Stripe beer commercial reference?


You bet it was!

No, the squat is better in many ways. The leg extension does have its place, but for strength and hypertrophy the leg extension doesnt come close. You also impose shearing forces across the knee joint which are unnatural unlike the squat which is more of what we are comfortable doing.

You have been squatting since you were a baby, when your connective tissues were weak and soft. Yet they haven’t harmed babies since the beginning of time. Leg extensions are good for times when you want a leg workout, but have a sore back. No spinal loading but you can also work your legs to some degree.