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Leg Exercises with Broken Finger?

I broke my finger playing football, and it looks like I’ll have limited(possibly no)usage of my left hand until November 1st.

That could mean I can’t hold a squat bar. What are some good leg exercises that make a good substitute for squats. How well does leg press work for instance?

Leg press is an option.

Could you try front squats with a crossed arm grip or zercher squats?

Hip belt squats could also be an option if your gym has the equipment for it.

I will use leg press, but I want more since they aren’t quite as effective as squats. Definitely could not do the cross arm grip, I looked up the zercher squat and I may be able to do that, but it seems difficult to control an effective amount of weight that way. Hip belt squats look good, but I’ll have to see if my gym has the equipment for it.