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Leg Drive and Bench Pressing


I've been benching for a while now but never gave any thought to trying to learn how to drive with the legs. Does it really make that much of a difference? I always thought the goal was to work primarily the upper body, wouldn't using your legs sort of be like cheating a weight up thats too heavy? Of course I know nothing about the subject.


It depends on what your goal is.

Bodybuilding and upper development...then maybe the leg drive isnt as important. BUT, you are moving more weight.

Powerlifting and max strength...then leg drive and back activation are musts in order to push heavy.



how would one implement the leg drive. I just think "leg drive" but aside from bringing the legs alittle farther back what can I do?


Check this out....


Stay strong


The more muscle groups that you can bring to bear on a maximum-strength motor task, the easier it'll be to accomplis that task. I believe someone privided a link above that clarifies the technique...