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Leg drive and back pain.

When I bench I try to bench powerlifter style, I think my form is pretty good.

I hurt my back in october last year and its still not right. I benched last week after a week of rest and almost straight away my back was acheing.

Have any of you had to alter your technique on the bench coz of back injuries?

I dont make a point of arching my back, I just use leg drive to help keep my upper back tight.

Help me please guys.

It would help to know the nature of the back injury…

I have a very stiff left SI joint and pretty much my whole lumbar spine is stiff. The icing on the cake was/is antrerior pelvic tilt from shortened hip flexors.

Not all powerlifters use extreme back arch on bench. Some people find they just can’t arch that much on the bench due to back problems or flexibility issues. If you’re finding it hurts your back that much you’d probably be best to change your style.

Stretch your goddamn hip flexors.


I am stretching them, its taken a long time to unlock them. For about 2 months I couldnt stretch them without my quadratus lumborum going nuts.

I found that myofascial release on my TFL had helped loads and I can now stretch my hips.