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Leg Definition


I've been absent from the T-Nation for some time now, and its about time i got back in the game. I've recently changed up my workout routine to be more situated towards fitness and athletics rather than a powerlifting routine (I competed through USAPL throughout highschool). So naturally I've dropped the weight load quite a bit and upped the reps on my main lifts (in this case squat) and also on my circuits.

I can't, however seem to get the desired definition in my quads. Here's some general info about me and my workouts, so you guys have a better idea of what I'm doing wrong.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 178
Age: 20

Leg Workout:

Squat 12-15 reps @ 135 x 3
10-12 reps @ 225 x 3
5-7 reps @ 275 x 3
2-3 reps @ 315 x 3
cooldown burnout @ 135


Hipsled- 5-7 reps @ 370 x 3
Leg Extensions- 12-15 reps @ 140 x 3
Leg Curls- 8-10 reps @ 120 x 3
Dumbbell Monster Walk- 12-14 reps @ 60 (in each hand) x 3
Iso Leg Dip- 8-10 reps @ 35 (dumbbell) x 3
Calve Raisers- burnout @ 55 (dumbbell in each hand) x 3

I don't really have a specific diet, mostly because I'm on the light side for a 6'2 frame, but that isn't to say that I don't eat healthy. I also haven't been able to do a 1RM since highschool (!!!!) due to the lack of sufficient equipment at my college. I'll try to attach an image of where I'm at right now so you can get a better idea. Any help is welcome guys!


I don't know why these images are coming up sideways - sorry guys... it also doesn't help that I'm whiter than Kelly Pavlik hah


Youre 6'2" and 178 pounds... How much definition do you really expect from your legs?


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It's really just gonna be a matter of actually eating MORE food. That will help you get away from the slight side for your frame.


You're wanting peaks and valleys. That means you need bigger legs (higher peaks) and/or less fat (to empty out the valleys). Holding one constant while changing the other will help, and if you're lucky maybe you can do a bit of both.

Why did you drop the weight? Everyone seems to be saying that stronger is the prime increaser of size.

Am I reading your workout right and you do 12 sets on squats?


Is this "skinny dude who doesn't want to gain much weight but wonders why he isn't really big and really lean yet" day?

At 6'2" you should be over 200lbs if your goal is to have impressive anything. Your legs are tiny. That is why you aren't satisfied with them.


Better question, why is he on a bodybuilding forum and dropping the weight while acting like he needs more definition when he needs more size overall?


Definition is a combination of having adequate seperation i.e. size, coupled with little subcutaneous fat. You need more size than leanness.


A flat chested woman can't cut a cleavage.
In other words, you can have a valley without the mountains.



yeah - i haven't been able to do an actual squat (not machine) for nearly nine months now, so its literally a rebuilding experience right now. but yes, 12 reps for 3 circuits


im on a body building forum simply because i want constructive criticism - that's one of the prime reasons this was created wasn't it? i'm not trying to be a smart ass about it at all, i'm just looking for advice, i'd figure i'd ask T-Nation



I'll remember that!



is there a supplement that you recommend?? because i'm taking up to 120 grams of protein (through chicken, tuna, and other various meats) a day along with nearly anything else not chained to the ground, but i'm still having trouble gaining weight. i've tried weight gainer 1850 (i don't know the company that released it..) and a few other protein shake deals, but none have done the trick yet.


and also, im not "acting" like i need more definition, i KNOW i need more size AND definition - but my primary goal right now is definition simply because i have the damnedest time putting on weight - hence the 178 lb frame


Without being a complete ass about it, I strongly suggest you increase your protein intake to AT LEAST a gram per pound of body weight. Better at least 1.5 g/lb. Arnold once said he had to add 10 pounds to put an inch on his arms. You're gonna need a lot to put an inch on your legs. There is NO quick fix.


then eat. ALOT


A gram per pound? damn - hah i'll work on that then - thanks for the input


its actually kinda gross how much i eat - without getting too graphic i probably shit 3-5 times a day - does it help to eat constantly throughout the day in smaller portions, or should i eat 4-5 huge meals instead?


with only 120g of protein, I'd like to see a typical day for you