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Leg Day is for you Ambulating Fools


Decided to start a log. Training at home makes me the strongest one there and it would be nice to get some feedback from some other stronger / more experienced people.

I broke my back in a work accident when I was 17 and have been in a wheelchair ever since.

So I have the best excuse to always skip leg day :slight_smile:

I currently compete in Disabled Strongman and have qualified for World’s twice thus far 2017 & 2019 where I came in 8th and 7th respectively. I’ve also placed 5th once and 4th once at the Arnold Classic. 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th at Americas 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

2019 was probably my worst year since either I broke my back or was lit on fire. I hurt my neck in January of last year at a contest, never checked it out, and didn’t fully recover until the beginning of August which was just about the time my appendix decided we should split up, which was followed by a rather terrible infection. Fully recovered now and I am finally back to where I was strength wise before I hurt my neck last year.

Current Stats

Age: 30

Training: 8ish years I was pretty drunk most of the time for the first few. 5 years serious.

Height: 6’-1”

Weight 190#

Bench Press: 355X1 T&G, 340X1 Paused, 315 X 4

Overhead, Seated 240 X 1, 190 X 8

Stones: Lap To Shoulder 220#

Squat: Somewhere in the neighborhood of a negative 190#

End Game Goals

Weight: Lean 205 would be nice in a couple more years

Bench Press : 315 x 20

Overhead : 315 X 1

Squat: If I could one day stand up that would be pretty cool. Unlikely but you got to have dreams man.

Stones: Lap to Shoulder 300#

Training: 4-5 days a week: I have come up with something that works pretty well for me. I typically run a 5/3/1 program for my heavy bench and OHP days, but we are having rep events at the Arnold this year, so I have switched to 8/6/3 to help out with that, America’s will have more Max weight events so I will switch back after the Arnold in March.

I keep my sessions pretty short as I work two jobs. One from 5:45-14:00 and the other 15:00 – 18:00 - 19:00, then I train, cook, have zero social life and sleep. This far I haven’t’ gotten burned out on the 4 day a week all upper body, I think not have the fatigue from training legs lets me train my upper body harder and not burn out. I use a heavy, light system but crammed into one week.

Sunday: OHP Heavy 8/6/3 + Clusters

Bench Light: Incline Guillotine 350 sets Ala Paul Carter

Front Raise: 1 X 50 -100

Overhead Triceps Extensions – 350

Monday: Pullover Heavy: Nautilus Pullover Machine 3 X 8-12
Pulldowns seem to wreck my shoulders. Pullups don’t but the fear of missing my chair on the way down keeps me from working to failure so I do pullovers instead.

Row Light : Dumbbells, or Thick grip Football bar 3 X 15-20

Curl Heavy: Preacher Curl 3 x 8-12 (To help strengthen and protect my biceps during things like stone/sandbag loading)

Tuesday : Active Recovery Usually some light rowing on a concept 2 and a casual stroll for a mile or so.

Bench Heavy: Heavy Bench 8/6/3 + Clusters

Overhead Light: Dumbbell OHP 3 x 8-12

Triceps Pullovers – 2 X 15-20 (I’ve seen these called a bunch of things, and thought for a little while that I had invented them Ha ha.) Paul Carter Calls them PJR pullovers.

Thursday : Row Heavy: Football bar rows 3 x 6-12

Pullover light: Pullover machine - 350

Curl Light: Hammer Curls 350

Friday: OFF

Saturday: HIIT Cardio or Strongman events depending on the time of year. Or off if I’m feeling beat up. And usually a 1 mile stroll

My contest seasons starts in March at the Arnold Classic and goes through to Disabled World’s which is typically in late Summer This year it is at the end of July. After that I switch to a more bodybuildingesque routine and run it until October/November.

If you made it through,

Let’s see if I can podium once this year. Or if not at least get closer to my goals. Any questions feel free to ask.


Good luck! Will be following to see how it goes. Go kick some ass!!!

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January 19 Push 1

Seated OHP
140# X 8
165 X 8
190 X 8 + 2 +1+1+1
Bodyweight for 8 overhead which ties my PR from Last year. Finally.

Incline Guillotine Press
185 X 18 90 sec rest
185 X 9 - 90 sec rest
185 X 8

Overhead Tricep Extensions
100 X 20 60sec rest
100 X 12 60sec rest
100 X 9

Jan. 20 Pull 1

Pullover Machine
120 X 15
120 X 10
120 X 10

Football Bar Rows
My own homemade bar with 1 3/4" handles
185 X 20 - 90 sec rest
185 X 12 - 90 sec rest
185 X 10

Preacher Curl
110 X 11 - 45 sec rest (Tie for PR)
110 X 9 - 45 sec rest
110 X 7. Tried for 8 but it didn’t go.

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Jan 21st

20 min on Rower averaged 2:53.4 per 500 meters. 3464 meters total. This is always an easy day where i don’t push anything just a small active recovery to help clear my head and keep me from getting fat.

1 Mile stroll around my house.

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You got me with the title and The rest is really great.

And damn, that overhead press. Strong!

Wow man. Good luck!

Awesome! Good luck on the Arnolds man

You had me at the title

Thanks to all of you guys and girl.
I’m not holding out any hope for winning the Arnold the first event is seated dead lift which I won’t do. Due to the screws and rods holding my back together. That and I think it is a stupid event. But I’m not going to get to compete for ever so I’m going to every event that I can from here on out.

Jan. 22
Push 2
Bench Press
225 X 8 (Program called for 200 but I didn’t see a point so i started here. Lifting 45’s up and down gets to be a chore.)
235 X 8
270 X 8 +2+1+2+2 30-45 seconds between clusters

DB Shoulder Press
Right hand - 90 X 8, 90 X 6+2, 90 X 6
Left - 90 X 4+2, Shoulder felt off, 90 X 6, (PR for left hand), 90 X 4 1 - 2 minutes between sets
Lefty is starting to fall behind, so I need to find a way to bring it up

Tricep Pullovers

I can’t kick them up so I have to start at the very bottom which didn’t do my shoulder any favors
100 X 21 60 sec rest
100 X 16 (Rep PR on second set by 1.)


On an unrelated to lifting note. A mouse set up shop inside my blower motor, so I get to replace that this weekend. Little bastard. I hope he was comfy



You are a strong man. Physically and mentally. I’ll be checking in regularly.

My metal hip is nothing compared to what you have gone through. So any excuse I ever have is invalid.

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Thanks bud. I don’t know about strong physically but maybe one day I’ll get to somewhere I think is good enough (315 X 20 on bench for instance); I’m not sure how mental strength is measured or if I have a lot of it or not. I just do what I want to do and the world be damned if it gets in my way.

I hear this a lot “My (insert injury or life set back) is nothing compared to yours”. I thought it would be a good idea to address it.

I’ve always found it silly to compare injuries or situations, even someone one that has a T-12 level SCI like me will have an entirely different set of circumstances.

If thinking my or someone else’s situation is worse than theirs makes them push themselves harder then I’m all for it, but no one should beat themselves up or think that their reasons for not achieving something are not valid because they deem that their situation hasn’t been as difficult as someone else’s.

Giving what you have, to get what you want is all any of us can do.


Jan 23 Pull 2

Chinese Rows
225# X 11 (102kg)
245 X 7 (111kg)
245 X 7

Hammer Curls
40 X 20 - 60 sec rest (18kg)
40 X 15 - 60 sec rest
40 X 12

Pull overs
70 X 30 - 60 sec rest (30kg)
I was trying a different technique. I really have to concentrate on driving my elbows or my triceps help too much and I ended up going way too light

90 X 12 - 60 sec rest (41kg)
90 X 12

Video of how I do rows. Home made bar with homemade bench, and my home made power rack in the background


Re-shingled my well house this weekend so I did not get around to my cardio session.

Jan 26
Feeling rather beat up

Push 1

150 X 6, (68kg)
200 X 1 (accidentally put 200 on, then wondered why it felt so heavy.)
175 X 6 (79 kg)
200 X 5 +1+1+1 30-45 seconds between clusters (90kg)

Was trying for 6 but it was in the cards today.

Incline Guillotine Press

185 X 19, (83kg)
185 X 10,
185 X 8 - 37 Reps total 90 seconds between sets

They added Front Hold back in at The Arnold so I have added it back to the schedule.

Strapped my self to a bench. 50# Plate for Time (22.5kg)

1 X 15ish seconds. The bench decided to tip forward, ending that one prematurely

Strapped the bench down.

1 X 23 seconds

Triceps Overhead Extensions
100 X 22 (45kg)
100 X 13
100 X 9

Don’t know how long between. I looked shell shocked while I waited for my breath to return long enough to do another set.


What did you use to make the bar? Do you have pics of just the bar?

I want to make a cambered swiss bar.

I am thinking 1"x2" rectangular tubing and 1" pipe, with the two inch pipe for the plates.

I used 2" x 3" x 1/4" rectangle tube. I never actually finished it. I welded it up just enough so it would hold then took it up and tried it out, and it never made it back down to my shop.

I would recommend either 1x3x1/8 or 2x3x1/8 that way you have some meat around the pipe to weld to.

What kind of tools do you have access to?
I can help you figure out how to build it if you want.

If you use pipe remember, pipe is measured by Internal Diameter. 1" pipe will give you about 1 3/8" Outside Diameter, and you need to get 1 1/2" Pipe which will give you 1.9" OD for the plates. Or use DOM tubing and get the exact size you want.

It looks like Elite FTS used 2x2 square tubing, and if you have the ability to drill a hole saw straight would probably be the cheapest route

If you want to be able to rack it I would suggest getting some 2" pipe as well. To work as spacers
(Second Picture) If you don’t have the washers like in the elite fts pic.


Thanks for sharing!

Okay. I will have to see what the hardware store here has, I live in BFE.
Took four trips to get the right tubing for my axle. I did finally get some structural pipe that the plates fit on very nice. I just bent rebar to use as the plate stops and welded them on.

I have quite a few tools myself and access to my buddy’s shop (read mig). I am not very strong so it will probably be more like a mini cambered bar. I would like the weight of the bar to come in under 50lbs.

Do you know how much your bar weighs? And what part of Texas are you in? I am in Central Texas… Howdy!