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Leg Day and Sprints


I’m doing some hill sprints on leg day once a week for summer. Would u cut down intensity and volume especially for hamstrings during this time? I’m doing 8 sprints uphill of about 40 yards with 2 min rest between


Are doing your weights before or after sprints?


I did them before lifting the past 2 times. That was another question I was going to ask is what it is the better option, before or after?

And the reason Im doing hill sprints is because it’s easier on the hamstrings because I’ve pulled my hamstrings in the past during football career.

Also if this helps I am doing something similar to Dorian Yates 1 all out set for my weightlifting.

Chest and biceps - Tuesday

Legs and Abs - Wednesday

Shoulders and Triceps - Friday

Back and traps - Sunday


I guess since I’m going Yates program there’s really no room to cut down volume but I guess I could cut down intensity


I think doing them before in your case is better, to reduce the chances of pulling a hammy. I train a member of the Canadian national bobsleigh team and he does sprint prior to his heavier lower body session


Thank you. One more question. In my above schedule would it be better to put it on one of my 3 OFF days per week? Or keep it on leg day as an A.M. session and lift in P.M.


What does your week/split looks like?



TUESDAY- Chest and Biceps.
Bench press- 1x6-8
Db incline- 1x6-8
Barbell curl- 1x6-8
Incline db curl - 1x6-8

Squats- 1x6-8
Front squat - 1x6-8
Glute ham - 1x6-8
Rdl- 1x6-8


FRIDAY- Shoulders / Triceps
Overhead Press- 1x6-8
Lateral raises- 1x8-10
Rear raises- 1x8-10
Pushdowns- 1x6-8
Lying Extensions- 1x6-8
Overhead Extensions- 1x6-8


SUNDAY- Back / Traps
Deadlift- 1x6-8
Chin up- 1x6-8
Row- 1x6-8
Pullover- 1x8-10
Shrugs- 1x6-8


The best option, IMHO would be to put the sprints on Saturday. That’s still only 5 days a week with a very low volume of lifting work and it will have the least amount of negative carryover to the rest of the body, plus it is like hitting the legs twice, which is ideal for hypertrophy.


Thank you for the help. I’ll put them on Saturdays and see how it goes.
Thank you!