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Leg Day and Cardio

Should I do cardio (running, biking) on leg lifting days? I like to separate my workouts in 2, usually 6 hours or more apart.

Can you yes, should you. That depends on your goals.

If going for pure mass/size gains and even strenght I would say no. limit the running and biking all together.

Once again it will be a wide rtange of answers dependent on your goals, the intensity of the running/biking etc…

I do find a Light bike ride or walk to be benefitial to recovery however

Hope that helps,

Personally, I only work my legs once a day when I work them. But yes, cardio on leg day can be good. But if you’re looking for size and strength, limit it. I do about a ten to fifteen minute jog to warm myself up. That’s all lol

Hope it helps,