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Leg Curls with Free Weights?


I've read that it's important to do SLDL and leg curls b/c they hit different part of the hamstring. What do you guys do if you work out of your garage for hamstring developments?


You can do leg curls with free weights. Just hold a DB between your feet.


There are benches that you can add a leg extension attachment to. The one for my bench is like 99 bucks.


Can you rig up some sort of way to do Glute/Ham Raises?


The leg extension attachments usually don't have any adjustments to fit my legs right.

What do you guys use to hold your feet for Glute/Ham raise if you don't have a workout partner?


The knee pads on a lat pulldown.


I would go with it this route if you are short on money. Spend $30 at Wally World. Get a $10 doorway chin up bar. It comes with 2 sets of brackets. Also pick up a Set of exercise mats for $20. It is a set of 6 mats. Stack the mats in your doorway. Measure a spot for the chin up in your doorway that is a about a few inches above the mat. Now...........use it for doorway Ham/Glute Raises. Best you can get without using a bench. My only other thought would be to get a heavy ankle weights and strap both to the same leg and do standing leg curls but I would really go with the 1st option. Very cheap, ultra effective.


Or get some mini bands and use those for leg curls.


I do GHRs in my rack, and I have a leg ext./curl attachment as well.


I've known a buddy to use a bench and do laying leg curls with a full paint bucket. Not the best becuase you have to pad the handle a lot to protect achilles, ROM is pretty limited, and it's a bit awkward. But, if there's no other option for now, it'll do.

Probably a better suggestion is laying towel curls. Add a weight plate or more on the end of the towel and this gets really hard. Also, you probably won't have the towel on a slick hardwood surface like pussy in the vid. video for form.


I have a power rack. How do you set it up to do GHR?


..Or use a (gulp) fitness ball under your heels


That would work too. My only issues are
1) how would you progress off a physio/swiss/fitness/wtf ball? With the towel it's easy to add a stack of plates on the edge of the towel and...
2) I don't think many people here have a ball in their garage gym. I may be mistaken, but I've always viewed it as more of a cardio warrior's tool (although, I'll admit i like to do dips with my feet on a ball on occasion)


It's much easier to go heavy on these if you have someone to assist with getting the dumbell between your feet though.


...."pussy". You're so hardcore!!


Kind of hard to explain but,

I set the pins at a level that allows me to put my bench bar across them with a few inches between the bar and my actual bench. I then slap on 225 so the bar wont move...I put the end of the bench directly under the bar. I lay the bench so it creates a T shape with the bar, hang my feet off the bench and lock them under the bar, and then do them on the bench so in case I ever failed, I fall onto the bench and not the ground....a little confusing...maybe I'll get a video up soon.


Just had to post this: