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Leg Curls - Necessary?

Hi all.
I’m currently devising a routine based solely around compound movements, and hit upon a snag - hamstring training. So my question is this: Are Deadlifts etc. enough for complete hamstring development, or should I include some leg curls in the routine too?

I would include them. They’re a decent exercise and hit the hamstrings differently than deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts.

Also, if following a hard routine with many compound lifts, you will welcome the chance to “relax” a little and do the leg curls.

I think that leg curls are beneficial and can help in addition to deadlifts. But that’s not why I do them personally. I’ve had some knee problems, and I find that direct hamstring work helps keep me painfree for whatever reason.

Stiff leg deads have always made my hamstrings sore as hell. Like no other.

They would get hit with goodmornings, any variation of deads and definitley low bar back squats.

Plus that other hamstring excersize where you lay on your stomach, lock your feet in and lift yourself up, bending only at your knees. I think they’re called glute-hamstring raises or something like that.

There are many better options than hamstring curls!!
My favorites are Reverse Hypers, GHR, and Stiff Leg Deads.

[quote]SWR-1222D wrote:
Stiff leg deads have always made my hamstrings sore as hell. Like no other.


I’ll second that

I like to super set them with SSQ GM’s. But I don’t have access to a GHR otherwise that would be best…Work with what ya got.

You want to work your hamstrings from both joints (hip and knee), so curls are good. CT said so.