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Leg Curl, Programming Question

Okay, first off, I know that sounds kind of stupid, but let me explain. I lift at home, and don’t have a leg curl machine (or cables) so I would like to find another way to do these, or a similar exercise. The reason for this is, I have been doing some reading around and have come to the conclusion that the hamstrings should be worked in a different way then deadlifting all the time (Since the hamstrings have 2 main functions, one of which is to curl the leg and deadlifting doesn’t really do that). I know RDL’s, SLDL’s, GM’s, but is there another exercise where the hamstrings have similar function as a leg curl? I do not have access to cables or machines, so it would have to be free weights.

Also, im doing 5/3/1 and am thinking about switching to the periodization bible assistance work because it seems more balanced. Here’s how I would set it up for the 2 upper body days

Day 1
Overhead Press 5/3/1
DB Bench 5x10
Chins (50 reps, probably during rest periods in DB bench because I can’t do many in a set)
Tricep extension 5x10

Day 2
Bench Press 5/3/1
DB Military 5x10
DB Rows 5x10
Tricep Extension 5x10

My question is, should I switch the DB bench and DB military around? My thought process by doing it this way is that I will work my chest both days, as well as hitting my shoulders both days. If I switched DB bench and DB military around, I would only have 1 day of chest work, but im unsure if it would be better to do more volume for the chest or shoulders on 1 day or break it into 2 days.

Lastly, everyone talks about how awesome chin-ups and pull-ups are. And a lot of people say the best way to get good at them is to do them every day. Right now I can only get 5 consecutive chin ups, and 1 pull up. Would it hurt my ability to recover or make progress on any of my lifts if I started doing chin ups every day then?

Glute ham raises, if you can do them.

My advice re. the assistance exercises is that if your core lifts are going up smoothly then just try what you laid out for a 4 week cycle, see if it works for you. 5/3/1 is about long term gains, you’re not going to make a big difference either way by switching two assistance exercises around so just see how they fit.

Similarly, if you want to do chins every day then try it for the first week of a cycle and see if it leaves you struggling in your main workouts. If so, then stop or cut back. Its your responsibility to find out how your body responds to training stimuli, no one can do it for you. My only qualifying remark in this instance would be that you are following a program with a deload week, even if you feel fine doing chins every day for the first 3 weeks of a cycle, I would suggest you cut down the volume for week 4, though again, its up to you to find out if this is necessary.

Good luck with the program.