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Leg cramps...stories and whys?

Okay, So I’m sound asleep last night…dreaming of Kelly Hu, or taking over the world with Kelly Hu, maybe it was defeating evil along with Kelly Hu(ala old martial art movie style)…or something like that…whatever the dream was, it quickly disappeared when I felt my whole left calf suddenly knot up into one contracting rock-hard muscle…now, it wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t so DAMN uncomfortable, but it took 5 minutes of massage to uncramp it and even now (over 12 hours later, i think) it’s still sore…maybe just a reminder of the fact that maybe Kelly Hu and I won’t take over the world together…maybe something different.

Anyhow, does anyone have any possible ideas of why and how that happened? Prior to sleeping, it was an intense evening, comprised of rigorous martial art practice followed up (30 minutes later)by my best attempt at an intense 20 minute EDT (ala Charles Staley)workout…

Any ideas of how/why this may have happened? Peace.

I have heard it is due to potassium deficiency. Don’t know if that is accurate or if there are other causes as well. I haven’t had one for a long time but I do recall being sore for a couple of days.

That happens to me occasionally…try supplementing with potassium for a few days. That always clears mine up.


The American answer is get up and walk around when you get a cramp like that at night to ease it, but they may have a pill for that now.

potassium is critical in acetylcholinase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, which is what your nerves release onto the muscle fibers to make them contract. If you are deficient, you will have cramps. Eat a banana, it tastes better than pills.

I think I might be wrong in that post. Not sure, hope DocT or someone can correct me.

Try a heatpad or hot bath. Stretching helps. This sounds crazy, but when I get cramps, I punch it. Softly, albeit, but still, it seems to work on me.

One time I was cycling and it was the end of a ride so I decided to sprint for the last quarter mile. I dunno what it was but in my sprinting and fantacizing about Sung Hi Lee (sorry, different Asian porn star) I stopped sprinting and my left hamstring cramped up like a mother. Went away in like 5 seconds though and I went back to making love in my mind with Sung Hi Lee.

Chris - you sure that wasn’t Hung So Low?

Had the same thing the other day (I mean the cramps, not the porn star fantasy)

Was gently warming down on the treadmill when my right calf started twitching then suddenly seized up. Had to try to walk with my leg straight. As soon as I started to bend it even slightly I cool feel the cramp trying to snap into place. Took me 5-10 minutes before I could bend my leg without it painfully cramping.

Strange thing was the calf was still sore for a few days afterwards - took a week to go away completely.

Woke up once since then with the freaky night cramp agony in right calf again.

Always seems to be the right calf - only reason I can figure is I’m favouring that side (working on a fair few muscle imbalances which I guess could be related)

Recently started messing with a CKD so I guess it could be diet related too (I’ve heard about potassium deficiency -= cramps before too)

Hey Dude,
Could also be a magnesium deficiency since calcium helps “excite” the muscles and magnesium helps “relax” muscles.

Hmmmm…thanks everyone. That helps a lot. =)