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Leg Cramps at Night


Im posting this for my wife, She has been getting leg cramps at night when we get into bed.Her shins have pretty much allways bothered her at night but now it is moving up and affecting her thighs.She isnt overweight or anything so its not like a weight bearing thing she is petite.

So my question is wether she is lacking in something or could it be a blood clot issue.
Thanks for any info.


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My mother-in-law had them for years... until I recommended she take vitamin E caps daily.
Problem solved!


If your wife has a blood clot or you supect it, then a medical exam is in order. You can't guess that kind of thing!

I've had leg cramps for years - it can be agony. A spoonful of magnesium powder (dissolve in water) works well, usually within a few seconds. I've used a couple of different brands and don't know what's available in US but when you get a powder or pills, get the highesdt mg content of magnesium you can, and prefereably buy a practitioner-level powder. I have used a basic health-food store brand and it's worked too, but it's nice to get the best.Definitely one for the medicine bag.

Our respective reasons for getting cramps may differ - however, magnesium is well-known for alleviating cramps and in fact I found it useful (in an emergency) helped to stop the tightness in my chest during an asthma attack. I also found that breathing REALLY deep and stretching aided a bit until I could get to the bathroom where my powder/pills were!


How much fluid does she drink in a day, caffiene etc. Always start at the simple solutions. I have advised calcium supplementation with a few patients. Women are known to not get enough calcium in there diet. Also if she is small she should start on calcium anyway to prevent osteoporosis. Most of the time it is some micronutrient she is missing.


Great advice...My wife is going through menapause and has started to supplement this(calcium) as well. Her doctor did say that some women get constipated from the extra calcium and might have to take magnesium to help.