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leg blaster

I’m looking for some equipment to train legs at home and I don’t have much space. Has anyone used that Frank Zane Leg Blaster thing and/or have any opinions?

All you need is some heavy weights, even Dumbbells. Start doing varios types of deads, squats, GM’s, etc. These will build your legs better than any overhped piece of equip.

Just my 2cc

How much is the leg blaster? With weights, that is. Now, how much is an olympic bar and 300 lbs weight? I feel your pain about not having a rack to squat in, but you can’t really replace squats with something like this. I think you’d be better off getting a dipping belt you could add some weight to and doing some hip-weighted squats standing on benches. (the name eludes me at the moment) Much cheaper and probably better than the leg blaster thing.

GaryE, you’re thinking of ball squats.

I agree with Phill. Use dumbbells for DLs, GMs, overhead squats, cleans, etc.

And try BW squats, pistols, and skier squats (I think that’s what they’re called). Awesome.

IMO the Zane products are ridiculously over priced.

If space limitations exclude the option of a proper rack, then I agree that you should look into a dipping belt. Ironmind.com has a very good one, as well as the Super Squats Hip Belt, which is a belt that straps a barbell beneath you.

If you don’t have much room try one leged squats with body weight or dumbells. just use a bench or something high enough(so that your leg bends past parallel) and strudy enough to hold you. I suggest using bodyweight at first till you get the stabilization down. They do kill the legs, though they aren’t squats.

I got the Super Squats Hip Belt, works great. That with an EZ curl bar and you’re set.

You might consider squat stands if you don’t have the space for a full rack. Squat stands + 300lb weight set can be had for < $200.00. They also make some which you can bench off of if you invest in a bench, and the stands will fit in a closet.

I can hook you up with a homemade squat rack for less than $50.00. If interested shoot me a p.m.& I will e-mail you the drawings.

Lotta good advice here. Forget the leg blaster. If you want to buy something, you’re better off getting a trap bar. Other options - deadlifts off of blocks or snatch grip DLs will also hit your quads. The key is to keep your hips very low and your body as upright as possible so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Ian King’s Limping series has tons of BW and DB exercises.
And some of them are nasty!