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Leftover Gear & Integrity of Product

      So, you may know I'm going to go back to the drawing board with my goodies from the world famous "Three Week Cycle" I was involved in some time back. I am quite sure the goods are pristine and fully functional still. 

     I just want to make sure of this. The remaining untouched vial, and the other one I was drawing from,(which still has 1-3 shots left), have been in the garage. It's been cold for a while now, maybe 36 F or so give or take. It's been in there for at least 3 months I believe, concealed in a cardboard box. It looks pristine as I said, completely clear and quite striking in its' beauty, lol. So, I assume I don't need to do anything before using it again, aside from the standard heating of the oil prior to the shots. Correct? 

       And what do you think of the already opened vial also? Is this little guy still doable? I'm going to use these goodies at a dose of 400mg/day, as mentioned in my "Query for Bushy/Schwarz/Contrl and other Vets thread.

           Any comments are more than welcomed guys.

Thanks in advance. I am sure about the integrity of said unopened vial of course but wasn’t quite sure of the other one which has been opened and has a small but more than I would want to waste amount left in it. So, let me know what you all think. Of course the smaller used vial is not that important though. I will have at least two weeks worth of the untapped vial, which will give me a decent mini cycle of two weeks.



I’d want to know exactly how much was left – 1mL I could easily toss but I’d prob have to use 3mL.

Sounds like a warm winter out there in Austria, TBone. :slight_smile:

As long as nothing has been dripping on it or chewing on it, I’d use it.

If concerned, you probably have the same alternatives as the OP who started the leaking vial thread: either heat it in the oven for 20 minutes @ 225 degrees, or draw it out and re-filter into a new, sterile vial. Or, do both. Pris also mentioned nuking it for 20 or so seconds.