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Left Upper Glute/Lower Back


Have lifted my whole life.. now 43, I have had issues last 6-8 months with lower left side (only) upper glute lower back area that "quivers" and causes pain after exercises such as Db snatchs, kettlebell swings, hang cleans, and medicine ball slams.. ( not using heavy weight while doing these). I have really been working planks, back extensions, reverse back extensions, RDL's bird dog etc.
It does not hurt to squat, deadlift or rdl's just more explosive type activities. Any suggestions?
I know I need more flexibility work ..starting that & will try some of dead bug moves to see if that helps..
Gone to chiro & says may be a "recurring injury now that I am older. I do not by that.. BS in my opinion. While I accept injuries as part of my yearly training, not the age excuse BS.. There are plenty of OLY/ powerlifters that continue to lift far heavier weights...
I do not believe this to be the spinal erectors or spinal in nature.


Resolved… through chiro and warming up extensively…about to start using roller foam…