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Left Triceps Bigger Than Right


I'm new to T-Nation, but there seems to a lot of knowledgeable folks out here and I am trying to fix a problem. I have noticed that my left tricep is more developed than my right and wanted to know what would be the best fix? I obviously have been lifting incorrectly and plan to use less weight so that I can concentrate on form. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


everybody has at least of muscle group that isn't balanced. The only way of correcting this I think would be unilateral exercises. Arnold said if one bicept is bigger than the other do an extra set or two of dumbell curls on the weaker side. Or while doing dumbell curls put a 40 in your weak hand and a 35 in your strong hand. make sense?


didnt arnold also say that if he trained one, he trained the other..dont neglect one side to fix an imbalance, just throw in my uni work and keep the form tight, no cheating...


How big are you?


i'am not suggesting he quit training his stronger/bigger tricept. just do a couple of sets for the weaker/smaller tricept to balance things out.


No one is symmetrical. Some are just worse or better than others


yeah my left bicep is noticably bigger than my right. which is odd cuz my right is stronger (i think) since im right handed....


I am 6'3 220. At this point I don't have any stats so I know that makes it hard to help.


Ok, I thought that would be the way to go, but I was making sure. Thanks for the info!