Left Torn Triceps Tendon

Dear All, I will have about 4-6 weeks before i can start doing anything weights-wise, has anyone used any particular rehab moves/routines etc or anything they could recommend, outside of no extension work, any advice would be great…p.s. not injured in gym! thank-you, Rik

Hey Bro, I feel ya! Check out my rehab log, same injury last year.


Hit me up if you have any questions!

Colin, cheers for that really good read, and good luck! i have an infection in the bursa and have been 2 weeks trying to get rid of it, but have given myself 4-6 weeks before starting the ‘coming back’ process, and am doing cardio for the mind!!{and body!} in the meantime, Thanks again, Rik

NP Brother, you have a long road but very doable. Make sure you get that mobility back first! Feel free to PM me if you want to commiserate, lol…

I tore mine about 12 years ago and the doctor told me I would never be back to where I was.He is now a believer that you can do whatever you put your mind to as I am right at the 700 bench mark at 40 yrs. old. The main thing is take time off I personally took 6 months off and drove my wife nuts but looking back it was the best thing for me as I really looked at all my training. Don’t rush back in too fast as that tendon if it rips again…then my friend you will really have problems. Good Luck.

same thing here, but i “exploded” the tendon, i dont have any screws because according to my ortho doc, there was nothing to screw back on, lol. he was surprised the operation was successful, by successful he means full function of that arm as far as everyday tasks are concerned. a little over a year out, and i am still at less than 50%.

Gents, after some re-hab{lots} I had the wise idea of playing my LAST rugby game…ever!.. you guessed it! fractured my elbow and other bones that we all know!!! had to laugh- thats all you can do!!! about to become the cardio king for several months, ah well, reckon I need to lose some weight anyway!!! so thanx to all, and it will be an interesting year??? Kind Regards, Rik

Yeah buddy rugby will do that to you haha. A friend of mine recently received a similar, less severe, injury and he’s taking a break as well.