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Left Teen Bodybuilding Websites


Those un-intellectuals have killed my knowledge. I was surfing bodybuilding sites and I've come across T-Nation and learned so much from all the articles here. In comparison to misc/teen sections! those guys have threads that kill my brain cells " What side effects would i get from m1ts at 16"

I'm trying to forget all I've learnt there and forcing my self to adapt here im hoping i can meet some new people who can advise me properly instead of brah do some curlz

I dont have any recent pics on my profile I'm going to try attaching one to this thread (taken a couple months ago).

I just turned 15 on december 31st and im the brown guy (fijian background)


Yeah! Another brown guy around my age :smiley:

Weclome to T-Nation. Just remember to watch out for this pedohpile here named "Renton."




Welcome to T-Nation.


I lol'd




Yeah I was born in brampton where you at, and I ll keep "renton" in mind i come from a section full of pedobears


Bah, Renton won't bang you unless you have T&A.

Welcome to the funny farm.


sauga lol.

and PMPM is a liar. Last time he tried to bang me while i was trying to fix the plumbing. Horny bastard :frowning:


Maybe you gots more T&A than you realized.

Time for squats and milk.


oh damn, got me there. But dont squats BUILD an ass? hmm..


I was a member there for about a week.

I got negative feedback for disagreeing with some "established member" who was a good buck fifty at most.

Never went back.


Hahahahhaa... I'm in Ottawa... it's too cold for pedos here... lol :smiley:


Welcome. Go into my profile and look under "Favorites" and under "Forum Topics" and read those threads. You will learn more there than in any of the articles.