Left Supplements In Car Trunk In Hot Weather, Should I Throw Them?

Hi guys I really need help I don’t know if I must throw or no. I lefted my supplements in car trunk for 1 day in really hot weather it’s was like 40C at night and 53C at afternoon yes so I’m thinking that the supplements gone bad and I must not use them. I believe the high heat maked them really bad or maybe dangerous?
Supplements are Creatine powder,aminocore,citruline malate, B COMPLEX. vitamin d. Coq10. DIM. Beta alanine.

What you think about it?

Most of its probably fine IMO. Worst case some may be slightly degraded; doubtful any of it is dangerous

I’d use them with no concerns. Chances are they were shipped under hot and humid conditions, anyway, so another exposure to heat shouldn’t pose a problem.

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