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Left Side


Hey,new guy here, I've been lifting for a couple of months now and making progress as far as uping my bench and squat max along with curling and the like, but it feels like the left side of my body isn't getting the same benifit as the right side of my body. I guess my question is that am I not using the proper technique as far as lifting the weights properly , or what?


Very normal among beginners. You will naturally have a dominant side. For the most part just keep lifting and build everything. also throw in unilateral stuff, DB work, one leg excersizes, etc..


Can you explain DB work,please. And by unilateral work do you mean putting more weight on oneside, like say 5 to 10 lbs.and alternate it when I'm either benching or doing squats? Or what?


Substitute dumbbells instead of a barbell when you do press, pull, and curl movements. This will help to equalize the imbalances of your muscles. It will also strengthen stabilizing muscles that are weak from not being used to handling weight.


By no means should you lift more weight with one arm than with the other. Use dumbbells for BP, military press, curls, bent-over rows, etc., and do only as many as your weak side can do.