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Left Side Weakness - Upper Body, Not Shoulder

Got a odd one I’m hoping to get some ideas on… I tried doing the normal upper body workout last Wednesday starting with Incline barbell bench ramping to my working sets of 8 reps. Weirdly, my left side just strangely felt unstable and weak. I basically was failing on warmup weight… Right side was fine for lefty wasn’t having it. I just called it quits on the workout after that happened, chalked it up to being tired or something one off. Next day tried the same, no change. Took a couple days off (did lower body instead etc) and still on Saturday no change. . It was very strange, seemed unstable… couldnt even do more than 1 rep.

All the while I felt completely fine… no pain, tiredness or anything but same result. The weakness also manifests in Pullups too in the same way and rows. So basically everything upper body. At this point I started getting worried and got an xray and ultrasound done 2 days ago (cheap here) . Both showed no shoulder tears or shoulder issues at all, which makes sense since there is no pain. I did tweak my neck a month ago and a PT I saw two days ago suspects that my trap, Pec, levator scap, are tight/inflamed and I need to stretch them.

Obviously I’m thrilled it’s not a shoulder tear but it seems strange to me that this happened all of a sudden. I haven’t found much on Google for something like this, most in a similar situation have a shoulder issue which it’s not in my case. Has anyone else had a similar injury? If so any steps you recommend or videos you recommend watching on rehab?