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Left Side Smaller Than the Right.


Ok so I have noticed that my left side of my chest and my left arm are smaller than my right side probably because I am right handed so I am wondering what I need to do to equal them out? while i'm doing my reps do I do a few more reps with my left side or what? I have no clue what to do. Thanks in advance for any tips.


try DB bench press


You're too skinny to be worrying about this stuff yet.


165 @ 6'...and you worry about symmetry? Stop worrying about which tone of pink you want to sponge paint your window shutters with when you haven't build the goddamn foundation of the house!


We all started out that way. Don't sweat it.

Always keep the bar as level as possible when you're performing lifts and remember to include some DB work. You'll never be perfectly symmetrical, but when you're bigger, you won't notice it as much (or at all).


Thanks for the tips.


One-arm dumbell bench press on a stability ball... duh! :wink:


don't sweat it.

i was a pretty good tennis player as a kid and consequently, my dominant right forearm is still way bigger than my left. unless you have a similar sports background (maybe pitching or something where one side is under constant torque), it will go away as you get stronger. just keep progressing, lifting properly and it will even out.