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Left Side Pain Stemming from Shoulder


Anyone know what’s wrong with my shoulder ? Left side pain runs up my neck down my arm thanks ?


I would probably advice you to go see a physio as it sounds like a trapped nerve to be honest. There are many causes of this and it may be related to your neck or back or something.

I hope someone else can provide more of an insight but I’d see a professional.


Going doctor tuesday to request a scan went physio before got accupunture no change. Thanks for getting back


Try thoracic outlet stretches and radial nerve release stretches. If it hurts in your neck or back stop immediately but if it feels like a stretch continue. I have two bulges at c5 and c6 and whenever it flares up I use these stretches and it removes pressure on the nerves. You will find them on YouTube.


Thanks.went to doctor today. He referred me to a clinic getting mri scan on shoulder and neck. Second its rotator cuff and or a trapped nerve.


good luck I’ve had numerous MRIs I hope it doesent show anything try those stretches as well mate


Had my THIRD RC surgery in January. Still in rehab. Hit me up if this is what it is and I can tell you what to expect.