Left Side Lower Back Pain after Deadlift Warmups

Let me preface my story by saying I will go see a Dr. if the problem persists. However, I am extremely ticked off at myself at the moment and would like some quick ideas on what might have happened and how to fix it.

I was warming up with fairly light weight when this happened. As I finished lower half of the eccentric portion of the lift, my lower left back just gave in. Currently , My lower left back as well as my arse emanates with a type of shooting pain when sitting still. The shooting pain gets worse when I bend over, or raise my left leg. My hypothesis is that I either have a bulging disc and there is something wrong with my sciatic. Any ideas and how to fix this?

Don’t know what happened or why, but I have thrown my back out and experienced pain similar to what you’re describing. Find an ART professional to fix you.