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Left Side Imbalance, Help

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But while doing deadlifts and other lifts, but most noticably on dead lifts my left shoulder comes forward while my right has no problem staying back. Im also able to feel a stronger contraction in right than left. What are some excersises/streches that will correct this. Also while doing rows I dont have the same ROM in my left side then my right ( not able to pull back as far)“stiff”. Entire Left side of body very slighty smaller/weaker than right. I am currently trying to correct by adding an extra set of Xreps on the left side of each excersise.

This is just me thinking here but it feels like my left sholder moves around to freely and doesnt have enough muscle holding it in place.
Current Routine
DB benchpress 5x5
DB shoulderpress 4x6-8
Incline DB benchpress 3x8-10
Lowangle cablecrossover 3x10-12
tricep pressdown 3x10-12
DB tricep extension 3x10-12
Finish with dips till failure

Hammer streangth row machine 5x5
chinups 4x6-8
Bentover DB row 3x8-10
Lat pulldown 3x10-12
incline DB curl 3x10-12
Concentration curl DB 3x10-12
Rear delt flye 3x10-12

BB Squat 5x5
BB Deadlift 4x6-8
Overhead DB Squat 3x8-10
Machine leg extension 3x10-12
Machine leg curl 3x10-12
Machine calf raise 3x10-12
Lying leg raise till failure x3
Situps till failure x3

PPL-rest-PPL-rest ect…

I’ve had the exact same problem, and I can tell you right away that adding a set for your weak side is not the way to fix it.

The problem is probably a weakness in the muscles around your left scapula. There is a lot of exercises to strengthen the muscles, google scapula stability, just remember to use a REALLY low weight when doing them.

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Do some moves to get your left shoulder where it needs to be before pressing.

This week, I like Scarecrows, any rear delt stuff, and kettlebell bottoms up presses.

In my experience, this never goes away, so I have to do a little of this “scapula stability” junk every time I go to the gym. And some easy stuff on off days helps too.

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-Prob wouldnt hurt to get a couple sessions with a good chiro

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Thanks for the input guys

It sounds very much like you have a left extension pattern (sometimes also described as a Left AIC/ Right BC pattern). This is a common pattern in humans due to natural and normal asymmetries in human anatomy and neurology, but can become problematic when the pattern becomes heavily engrained.

In this pattern, the left hemipelvis becomes forwardly and externally rotated, the left half of the spine becomes extended relative the right, the entire spine rotates to the right, and the thorax counter-rotates back to the left above the T8 vertebrae. Needless to say, this affects everything from scapular mechanics to breathing mechanics and spacial awareness.

Treatment is multifaceted and begins with breathing retraining and repositioning of the pelvis and rib cage. Standard upper back exercises are very (very) unlikely to help. Seek out a Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Certified physical therapist for an assessment and treatment.


So this is what’s going on while trying to do scapula stabilization exercises. You can see how the left side is out of whack and pinches over to much

Thanks, I uploaded so pictures does ths look like what you were talking about

the body is never going to be perfectly symetrical either way. its barely noticeable to others compared to how you see yourself.

I’m not talking about just symmetry visual, but actual moment patterns


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