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Left Side a Lot Weaker Than the Right!


Age 41
Training two years solid (of course train too when I was younger) 5-6 days a week.
Went from 220lbs down to 156 mostly cardio.
Now 173lbs
11.4% bf
I eat clean PN style diet 3000 cal. 90% of the time

I was wondering if anyone else has gone through anything similar to me. Over the past three weeks it seems that my left side is getting progressively weaker then my right. I first noticed it on my curls when my left side would give out first. No big deal I thought. Then the next week on my DB rows my right side was perfect but my left side was doing half of what my right was doing. Then on the Pec deck later in the week I really noticed difference. Lastly today while doing pull ups I was not able to do any because of my left side not be able to pull myself up. I normally do like 12-14 in a set.

Now the only thing I changed in the past month is I went from
Monday: back, biceps ,trap
Tuesday: spin class/cardio
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: spin/cardio
Friday: chest, shoulders, triâ??s
Saturday: cardio 30-40 mins.

Monday: back
Tuesday: shoulders, triâ??s
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: biceps, traps
Friday: chest
Saturday biceps, cardio 30 min.

I dropped doing so much cardio to bulk up. This is only the real change I have made in the past five weeks. It was very frustrating today with the pulls ups. Very demoralizing too. I am right handed and of course know that my right side will be stronger naturally then my left. So like on my DB rows I would always start with my left side to make sure I would get the same amount of reps out of both sides. This seems like something different though. Anyone gone through this or any suggestions? BTW, I just took off Saturday and Sunday to give me a nice two day break hoping that would help. It didnâ??t!


The upper body muscles on my right side are smaller than on my left (not extremely obvious, but on close inspection you can see it). When I first noticed it, I tried to mix up my routine to involve more db work (db bench press, db curls etc) but I still think my right side is lagging behind the left.

The unusual thing though is that it isn’t any weaker, both sides do the same amount of reps on db exercises, I really have no idea what is going on


well i talked to my buddy today and he thinks it scare tissue around my shoulder. He has a guy he goes to that does deep tissue rubs to break up this scare tissue. I guess it hurts like hell but he siad he had the same thing and since he started seeing this guy it’s better. I hear he is a body builder too so he clients are mostly BB type of people. I would like to hear if anyone else has had this. Mu size seems fine between the two side it’s just strenght.