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Left Shoulder Weak While Benching

I notice this when doing DB bench press. If I want to go really heavy, I have to get someone to help me get the DB’s up to the top position initially. After that I have them step out of the way and I can get around 8 reps. Its that initial kick them back and get them up that gets me. And its the left shoulder that I have trouble with. Not pain, it just seems “weak”.

Today I asked someone for a spot who also happens to be a good certified trainer. He said that my left arm goes out wider on my benching. Never had a shoulder injury that I can remeber. Anyone have thoughts? (Corrective)Advice?

How do you bench? Do you shrug your traps? Also, maybe your left lat is a little weak than your right? I have this issue doing OHP because of a lat imbalance.

But as far as kicking the weight up, you are just gonna have to get better at doing it with your left side. Maybe do that side first? I usually kick both of my up at the same time.

Also, try doing DB Floor Presses. I was having trouble with DB Benching and I switched to doing them on the floor and they feel AWESOME. Any of the problems I had benching did not exist while laying on the floor, so I was able to focus on doing the reps very well.