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Left Shoulder Sits Lower Than Right One

I was looking at my back and my entire left shoulder sits lower than the other one. I train my back using bilateral movements, shoulders both unilateral and bilateral. My left lat extends out farther than the right one when flexed.

I think this imbalance MAY be due to computer usage, and having my mouse control hand extended all the time, causing the lat to be extended, and the upper trap and frontal deltoid to be shortened. Although I am left handed, and maybe my left lat could be developing faster than the right. My guess is that it’s the former. What do you guys think? Thanks!

I am curious what others think of this, as I have a similar issue that I have had as long as I can remember. My right shoulder is lower, and oddly enough is the shoulder I am currently having issues with. I am 30 now, and I wonder if it comes from growing up playing baseball and bowling.

What about the alignment of your hips? Believe it or not, if your hips are askew (or if there’s a unilateral issue further down the kinetic chain, such as your feet) it can throw things off further up in the chain. Functionally, there is a link between one side’s hip and the contralateral shoulder, so I would suggest looking at possible imbalances in other areas of your body, to see if that may help find the true root of the problem.