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Left Shoulder Losing Strength

Hi forum. I’ve been training 15+ years now, primarily using an upper/lower split for majority of my training life. Over the last 3 months I’ve been trying to mix things up a little whilst going back to basics, adopting a full body approach every other day (i.e. 3-4 sessions a week). Seen good results on this and I feel that the volume is helping my physique develop. Looking something like this:

Squats (3 sets)
Overhead press (DB) (3 sets)
Bent-over rows (3 sets)
Bench (3 sets)
Arm work

Over this last 3 months though my left shoulder has begun to niggle at me, feeling like the ROM without pain is decreasing for simple things like reaching behind my back. This has begun to transfer over to my lifts - whilst my right sided OHP has grown co sisterly, my left sided increasingly needs a “kick up” at the start, is incurring some discomfort during the lift and the strength is not what it used to be (28 DB now instead of 32). Of course I have no idea if this is related to the change in program or whether it’s just general wear and tear after 15 years.

It’s left me in a bit of mental turmoil really - on the one hand I feel that the rest of my body is making significant progress on this full body every other day setup and my physique is developing, but on the other hand I worry that the frequency is just too much for my shoulder to handle. Ultimately I want to be able to continue to do whatever is going to develop my physique and keep me healthy.

So, kind forummers, what is your advice?