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Left Right Troubles

Ive been doing DB Rows, DB Bench, DB Shrugs, Single leg Squats etc etc, in an attempt to balance myself out, but…

I just “feel” that my right side is a bit “tighter” and stronger. When I do a set of DB Bench i can really feel is burn in my right arm, but not much in my smaller and slightly weaker Left arm. Ive genrally chuck in an extra set or two for my left arm, but I find that doesnt work to well either. I also tend to get DOMS in my right side slightly more in my right side than my left, even though i did concentrate on my left. Im not to sure how to go about this. Ideas?

I usually do dumbbell bench pressing one side at a time, and it’s worked well for me. I do this with lighter weight than usual though since I have to put in extra effort to balance myself.

Not necessarily something for hypertrophy/strength, but good for overall balance.