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Left/Right Arm: Serious Imbalance?


i have no clue what a real imbalance looks like, and I could just be how i am posing, but is my right and arm difference a serious imbalance? 6 month something update btw.


Looks bigger on the right for sure. Use dumbbells a lot more and start all arm exercises on the smaller side first.


I don’t think it should be too much of a problem. Sooner or later the weaker side will have to adapt to the load the other one receives, and eventually it should balance out.


Yeah use dumbbells more often so the dominant arm isn’t going to take over as it is inclined to do with barbells etc. I wouldn’t worry too much though everyone to an extent has one arm larger than the other.

So don’t sweat it too much stick to your main goals and just add in a mental sub goal of getting your other arm more up to par.


great improvement, keep at it man


Your imbalance makes me feel better about mine. Same deal, right bigger than left, but not to the same degree. I switched to dumbbell pressing and rows, it has helped.


[quote]JaX Un wrote:
great improvement, keep at it man[/quote]



Quit jacking it so much.


[quote]brownab wrote:
Quit jacking it so much.

that is not a reasonable solution!


I jack it with both hands… yea its huge…