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Left-Right and Front-Back Assymmetry

Ok, so I’ve been training for about 2 months now with the intention of bulking up. I’m barely 16 and before this I’ve done crew (rowing) and some weight training for a total of about a year and a half.

When I started out, because I’m right-handed and such, the right side of my body was the stronger one. However, recently as I’ve started putting some meat on my back (lower and mid mostly) and ass, I’ve noticed that both of them have developed significantly more muscle on the left side of my body than the right side.

So, in the front (mostly in the abs really), the right side is bigger, in the back, the left side is bigger. When I’m laying down in bed, if I want to keep my shoulders parallel with the floor, the right side of my back and ass are barely touching the bed. Naturally, I slant off to the right.

Any suggestions?

Well after rowing for a good bit in college, I can tell you that that doesn’t help too much. I row port so my feathering arm is bigger, but my left lat is larger. It comes with rowing though since you train only on one side. My right arm has always been bigger than my left, and even look at pro bodybuilders, they have similar problems.

That being said, I would suggest some single leg/arm lifts. Try doing some lunges, and DB bench. That way each side has to work independently and no side can really dominate as it can with barbell exercises.

If you still row make sure you do a lot of pushing exercises in the off-season to balance all of the pulling you do (for upper body). For lower bodywork on your hamstrings as your quads do most of the work in the first part of the stroke.

Hope that helps!

Crew Pierce