Left Rhomboid Hurts from Low Bar Squatting

I’m lowbar squating and my left rombhoid is killing me, lowbar squating makes me cough after every set idk why, I’m only squating 115kg for a 5x5, and i’m going to take a week off from squating since my back hurts too much and also i need to deload but i’m not squating at all since even at lighter weights i feel it, anyone know what’s going on???

You’ve probably got a knot in your rhomboid. Get a massage and learn how to use punctuation.


I’ve had this happen because of head/thoracic position. Flared my ribcage too much and felt it - that could be your case?

Vids of aggravating set up from multiple angles please if you can survive lol.

In the mean time try doing what u can high bar, front squats etc to keep the gains coming