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Left Prescription In Hot Garage, Still Good?

Gents. Stupid question, they changed me From enanthate 1000mg/5ml to depo-cyp 1000/10ml… due to shortage on Delatsryl Cyp less concentrated, I’ve heard only good things about CYP. On to stupid question. I left the perception bag in the garage for like a day! It’s been pretty hot out, think it’s good. I just did a injection now… I think I’m overthinking… just want some advice lol.

It’s OK, if I recall, it’s 56-86deg for the storage temperature. A day at 100 won’t hurt it. Whenever shipped to pharmacies, mailed to patients, etc., it probably gets exposed to heat for a few days. Stored for months in a hot warehouse is another story.

It’s fine as long as it wasn’t getting direct light. That will degrade it.

Many people heat their test under hot water to break up any crystallization. Heat shouldn’t hurt it. It is also part of the process of making the test oil.