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Left Pectoral

Age: 17
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 205
Bench: 275
Squat: 500

I took a week off from lifting because of a sickness. When I returned I decided to max. When I brought the weight down I felt a stinging feeling in my left pec, like I stretched it too far (maybe a pulled pec muscle). I still continued my workout. The next day I was really sore. No bruising or anything like that though.

A week before I had decided to widen my grip on the bench, outside the rings and fly my elbows out when benching thinking it would help get more chest involved. I know now you are suppose to bench with your elbows in and the wider your grip the more injury prone your shoulders are.

I took a week off after that max day, but ever since I came back for the last three weeks my bench has been going down (almost 15 pounds). My left pec also feels very fatigued short into my workout.

Does anyone have any ideas why this happened, what to do, if I should take a break doing bench, or maybe how long I should wait?

Any thoughts would be very helpful I am on a scholarship for football and need to get big, no time to waste.

Go to a doc, or at least the trainer for the team. you could have done ton of thing.
until you see the doc you might want to lay off anything that involves the chest. have you been doing anything to help the healing process. RICE, been icing or anything else, does it hurt without use or only in the wieghtroom. you really should go see a doc or the trainer there are too many variables and with a scholarship on the line you should mos def stay as healthy as possible. Ben

500 pound squat!

is that parallel squat or full squat?

A little below parallel.

nice thats some poundage.