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Left Pec/Front Delt Tightness

Back in September I suffered a wrist injury where I was out of the gym for around two and a half months, and going to physical therapy. When I was given the green light to start lifting again I did a basic split; monday:chest/triceps wednesday:back and biceps friday:legs/shoulders. I was doing this routine in my basement where it is a lot colder than the rest of the house, especially during the winter months in NY.

For bench I would just go into my old warm up weight (135 lbs) for a few sets of 12. I decided to up the reps every week instead of the weight,until I could do it for 3 sets of 20 easily. Into my third week for bench I was on my last set and got 17 reps, but I remember the last rep being difficult and my left side came up after the right. I didn’t feel any kind of pain, but the front delt upper pec area on the left felt more fatigued than usual. When I went onto incline flyes with a very light weight it felt like nothing on the right side but extremely tight/fatigued feeling on my left.

I’ve been given different answers from my PT, chiropractor, and primary. they were, my chest wasn’t very flexible, so I was told to do various chest stretches to increase the flexibility and use a foam roller to help loosen it up. Second diagnosis was the muscle fibers in that area take longer to develop. I was told when I did flyes to go mid way through the motion then drop down and just do the end range of motion. Last diagnosis was it could be a muscular imbalance or just something I need to work through. I barely notice the tightness now when I’m doing bench or dumbbell bench.

It’s always when I’m doing incline press or any kind of flyes except for low pulley cable flyes. I’ve tried taking chest flyes out of my routine for several weeks, to have it feel exactly the same when I try to go back to doing them. I have noticed myself that my right lat is noticeably bigger than my left side. Could this be causing a muscular imbalance and be forcing the left side of my chest to be working harder than the right side during chest exercises? I feel like if this was a tear it would be hurting a lot worse or have bruising present.