Left Over Sustanon 250

Hey guys, I have 6 leftover ampule’s of sustanon 250, don’t plan on buying anymore, I am currently on TRT 75 mg of Test Cyp Monday and Thursday “twice a week”. Just wondering would It benefit me to maybe split the ampule into two doses and take it with my TRT dose per week until its gone? Thanks in advance

I get blood drawn every 6 month for trt, Sustanon has testosterone undeconate which has high half life, front load it, try doing this go 1amp Sustanon once a week, then 100mg trt once a week for the 6 weeks, . Two shots weekly. 350 mg. Then you will have enough trt two go 100mg twice weekly for 6 weeks then go back down to 75 twice weekly. You will get a good boost and you will be back to normal levels, assuming you go 6 months in between blood work, the difference between 150mg a week and 350 is noticeable but not huge , eat and train like animal, you will gain at least 5pound water weight, which will go away quickly.

Thanks for the advice ! Yes it is every 6 months, but i have an appt for a blood draw in like 12 days so i’ll wait that out then get after it!