Left Over MAG-10

hello i was doing the feast , but i have some MAG-10 left over. to get the best use out of it should i just take some before my workout and after? or take it in the day?

Thanks guys

Read up on it.

lol, fucking canadians with all their great info.

From everything Ive read on here pre work-out seems to be the most effective time to dose MAG-10

You have the question, you have the answer and I’m the fuckin Canadian? Yeah.

Haha… ok , so i read that most take 1 scoop about 20 mins before there w/o and on the last set! thanks

Are you talking about the original MAG-10? Those are pills. I have only one bottle in my freezer from 2004.

nope, i was talking about the powder MAG-10.