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Left Over Fat / Loose Skin

I’m about 5’8 and at one point I weighed 225. Over the last 9 months or so I’ve changed my diet (not really counting calories but mainly just getting around 180 grams of protein, healthy fats and around 100 carbs a day) and have been doing MMA / BJJ training 6 days a week. I’m down to 159 right now with about 154 being the final goal for where I’d like to maintain my weight. With that being said, I’m a little curious about excess skin / fat that still lingers on certain places of my body.

My top two abs are pretty visible. My chest looks pretty tight and there’s a line becoming distinctive that run down the center of my chest / abs. However, my lower stomach area is still covered in a pretty decent layer of fat and excess skin skin since I did weigh 225 at one point in time. Now, I’ve seen guys in worse situations than myself that either lost weight too fast or were just flat out huge at one point, but I’m still curious what happens to excess skin.

Will this eventually tighten up and go away? Will the body eventually eat the excess the fat as I continue my training and keep close tabs on my diet? Or will I forever have this issue with my stomach area?

Just curious and any tips / comments are appreciated!

You can lose the fat, but the skin is there permanently. I’ve lost about a 100lbs and I got lots of excess skin. The only way to “get rid” of the skin is to fill it in with muscle or fat. You can also get it surgically removed.

[quote]RuthlessMurder wrote:
fill it in with muscle.[/quote]


I lost 150 lbs of fat at one point. Lots of loose skin… it’s definitely gotten better since. I’m much bigger now - no one says anything about my loose skin, but rather my muscle. :slight_smile: Just get hyooge.