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Left of Center


Hittin this shit head on, bitches.

There's shit I want to accomplish. Everything I do has a reason, even if the reason is seemingly absent. All systems go. Up, around, over, through... head on.

No if, only when and will. Nobody's standards but my own, and I refuse to disappoint myself.


In...oh and by the way, did you decide if Women's seminar was a go for you or not? We'd have a blast !!


I'll be keeping my good eye on you and your antics!!! Entertain us, pretty please with ice cream & sugar on top!


since we left off-

friday- woke up a lil foggy after just 2 drinks with classmates the night before. worked 9a-9p, then jas picked me up. drove to london to see wendler, but he wasnt home yet and we didnt want to wait. on our way back to dublin, a bolt fell off one of the plates on jasons car near the wheel (describing in girl terms), rendering the car undriveable. called AAA, got towed, got back around 1230.

saturday- woke, got a rental, headed to the lexen meet just in time for the bench only flights... godawful. press, dump. press, dump. press... you get the idea. i'm happy to report the two women i saw didn't miss their lifts. left before deadlifts to head to the expo.

walked around aimlessly, stopped to talk to a few people we knew, and jas got recognized 4 times. everyone was polite, thanked him for his service to the country, and told him how inspiring he is. no one recognized me, which is just fine bc i had my clothes on :wink: i was THAT guy though, who offered to take pics of the people with jason when i saw that they werent about to ask. one of the girlfriends had him sign her t-shirt. he's humble about it, so im sayin it bc im proud of him.

so we had a short nap before we went out with chuck v, mike roush, and a bunch of other people i've met through jason. then i found out one of my hometown friends was in cbus, walking distance from where we were, so we ended up heading over to a second bar. jason is incredibly patient and puts up with A LOT from me.

got home before 1, went to bed.

sunday- woke up, stopped by the meet for a few minutes, and headed over to EFS to lift.

same cambered bar setup as last time, with instructions to best yourself somehow- better form, more weight, more reps, something.

so i did my "225" for 2 reps with better form, and faster. decided to cool it there, instead of killing myself.

followed with some random, lightweight high rep accessory work before we had to bail.

stopped by jason's apt to pick up our bags, then back to hometown. mom hasnt had all 5 of her children in the same room for 3+ years, and she wanted a group picture. not necessarily because of feuding (although that has gone on), but bc we're all spread out and have had crazy schedules. so, it was nice to see everyone, and we're a damned good looking bunch, if i say.

even for a fat powerlifter, my ego tells me i have to mention that im in the best shape of all of em. (not counting that round is indeed a shape)

today- the brother who DOESNT live across the hall, who i DID have years of silence followed by eggshell relations recently repaired, caught me in the parking lot of my building today between classes. mentioned wanting to lose fat and that he'd been running... eek.

so, i introduced him to fish oil, superfood, and the foam roller among other things, before i taught him about hiit.

of course i wasn't gonna be THAT guy and not SHOW him, so we went for some hill sprints. we got through 3 on my baby hill, obviously racing. i whooped his ass on the first 2, his ego caught up with him on 3 and we tied. that's when he started cursing/thanking me.

then, while my glute-ham tie ins were burning and seizing and i was fighting off waves of nausea, i sat in the car while he pushed it around the cemetery next door, 15 sec on and 60 sec off, 3 rounds. that's when he lost most of his ability to speak, and stopped cursing/thanking me.

I managed to get out of the car and walk into my building with dignity, but i spent about 20 minutes on the floor of my bathroom before i graduated to the bed. then brother across the hall showed up with a full chinese dinner courtesy of mom.

so here i sit, watching irish movies and doing 400 word writeups for the evening, work at oh-dark-thirty in the AM.


lilp- I probably wont go, im too worried about missing training that close to my meet. SUCKS!

n8- antics? ANTICS!! ok yeah. its the circus freak in me. ice cream, sugar, nuts, cherries... with a few psycho sprinkles and homicidal hot fudge.


Never a dull moment in CBear-land. Just the way I like it.


new log!! geeez..that cambered bar..serious shit, and quite a feat :slightly_smiling:


we'll be training both Sat and Sun, but probably not the training you were going to do...understand, but which meet are you doing? or do I have to go back and catch up on the other log...:wink: ???


kimba- hai pretty lady!!

brute- it IS serious shit, and would be quite a feat if i could go through a workout with it, without it sliding off my back!

lilp- ohio state, april 30, columbus. :slight_smile: you still hafta go back and catch up on the other log.


Bear, I'm going to ask a semi-newb question because I know you'll answer truthfully even while rolling your eyes and thinking "OMG, did I just step into FA and not know it?". Is Superfood worth it? I love the FINIbars (could eat them like candy) and as soon as I'm caught up on bills, I will resume buying them but I just wanted to know if Superfood is worth it, instead of, say, taking a multi-vitamin or whatever.


god, you fucking would.

is this a test? no? ok.

the short version- multis are better than nothing. superfood + mineral pro + fishoil is the best.

when taking a multi, you dont get to choose what your body uses and what it doesnt. something chemically preferable (easy to use) may "win" over something that your body is deficient in, but unable to get to, bc the receptors/processes are already busy with something else, and you'll pass anything not used.

breaking it up into superfood and fish oil and mineral pro gives you a better shot of giving you what you need, bc theres less goin on.



Iz finarrry heeer! Weee!


Always lovely to read about your training. Looks like all is well in your world for the moment.

I couldn't help but think about my recent experience of giving a little training guidance to my own brother when I read about yours. My brother has the opposite problem. Circumstances (of his own doing) have left him lucky that he's still outweighing me these days, which is pathetic at 5'11". I bought him a gym membership for Christmas and he FINALLY went there w/me last Thur. Oh well, they're family... you can get mad at them, but they'll always be there. Right?

Good luck w/all your movies, writing, etc.


YAAAAAAY bg is heer! and cute n fuzzy and haz a happeh!

veg- not "mad" at the bro. hes very respectful, humble, polite, and willing to learn. that part of it is refreshing. ive just gotten that question a lot lately, or something similar, from people who arent as awesome as my bro. thing is, i may know more than the average joe, but as much as i know, i know i have SO much more to learn, and im learning every day.

i've guinea trained a few people, but i just dont want THAT kind of responsibility, not with everything else i have goin on.

if he sticks with it, tho, it'll be neat to see what kind of progress bro#2 makes.


LOL, thank you! This is exactly what I needed to know and you said in the shortest and plainest way possible.

You really are the bestest.


purdy vibram (i'm slightly obsessed). haven't been following your log as closely as i would like. hopefully that is fixed now.


I wondered when the new log would show up.
Sounds like you gave your brother a good schooling. Nice one. As an only child, I don't have any siblings to torture, so I'll settle for torturing my school kids instead. Especially the naughty ones.

Re: the cambered bar, I've never been to a gym that had one. What exactly is its purpose, other than to make shit harder?


This log is stamped by Frenchie.

225 * 2 = ya got me beat bitch. but i'm going to catch you!


Cbear: I've been waiting for your new log. What ever direction you choose to go I hope it brings you joy.

But damn you totally suck at hill sprints. You gotta get in shape bitch.


She's got me too, maybe if we gang up on her we can beat her. Whaddaya say?