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Left Nipple Puffy?


Hello T-Nation forum;

Long time viewer, recent poster.
I have been weight training many years, w/ in the past year started seeing a doc about HRT, and he put me on 100MG Test cyp / 100MG test enath 2 * per week. this has really helped out a lot, feeling great, well being improved, etc. etc. Have been on this for around 8 months and getting blood tests and doc visits on a reg basic, Also doc put me on 1MG arimedix week.

I missed picking up the Arimedix from the pharm, and was out of town for 1 week, but still took my shots, so for 1.5 weeks I didn't take any. then i started back on it, after I got from the pharm.

My left nipple started getting a bit puffy, not itchy, just puffy to the touch, and also I spotted a small very small lump under the left nipple. Its not too bad, and as I stated I have been on the arimedix for a few days now.

Wondering if this will go away, or if I need to call the doc and get something else?

ALL the listed meds are from a pharmacy, to be clear.


Best place for this help is in the TRT forum; best guy to help is KSman. PLEASE read the new guy sticky; he likes information.

Personally, thats a low dose of T and missing your AI should not set anything off.


tell your doc maybe he will give you a few nolvas you bring you back to norm


Probably go away. Keep an eye on it