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Left Lower Back Issue


Whats up guys,

So I have had this back issue for a while, was doing some fast cricket bowling, and my left QL started spasming. Went chiro and he said facet joint syndrome. He did adjustemtns but still in pain. Not too sure, someone from T-Nation sent me an email telling me that its more likely an irritated disc, which I kind of believe since it hurts going into flexion and gets better with rest. But how can an irritated disc cause pain in my left QL, nerve impingment?. I was fine for about a month after some deep tissue massage (I thought I had a tight QL, he said everything was fine and even my hip muscles, piri, ITB, TFL were OK), was doing some barbell hip thrusts and my left QL started to hurt near the top the movement. What does that mean? If this is a disc issue, should I do the Louie Simmons thing, reverse hypers, leg raises. The deep tissue massage worked well, but that shouldn't really affact a disc issue right. Overall a bit confused and disheartened with this.

Thanks so much.






Possible misdiagnosis on the chiro's part? Did you get a second opinion?

The QL originates at the iliac crest, inserts at the lumbar vertebrae and the 12th rib. One of it's functions is stabilizing the pelvis and lumbar spine. Therefore, it's quite possible that trauma to the lumbar spine can make the QL compensate. This, in turn, can cause overactivity in the QL.

You need another examination by an ortho to determine the severity of the injury. Once you do that (and do the physical therapy if needed), you can focus on making changes to your programming. I'll be happy to take the ball at that point and answer questions (within reason, of course).



I am going to hijack your thread a bit, I have a similar issue also with left side of lower back. It doesn't hurt while walking/running or living everyday life. It does however hurt while bearing loads, say military press, squat, deadlift. Worst one is probably Good Morning. The pain isn't bad, but I can feel it when I do a good morning without any load, however taking in air and bracing my abs makes the pain go away while doing unloaded good morning movement.

I didn't injur it per se, it's just something that has creeped in over time I guess. I have been staying away from heavy movements for several weeks now, since I thought it was just some damaged tissue or inflammation, but it just doesn't go away! I can squat through the slight discomfort easily, but I am afraid I'd make matters worse.

What could be wrong?