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Left Leg Weak/Unstable

I’ve been doing squats for a few months now and my left leg is smaller and weaker. I did sprain this knee along time ago but the doctor could not find any instability. However when i use it alot i get PFPS easily and then my quads shut down to protect the knee causing ‘fake’ instability.

Focusing on the leg to try to bring it up to speed with the other one just puts more stress on it and causes the PFPS to flare up, kind of defeating the point.

I’m 34 year old fogey so i have very limited volume i can use every week so any solutions that keep that in mind help. Each set has to be strategically planned as my joints only support around 10 sets a week total body.

do single leg exercises(lunges, one legged deadlifts, etc…) to try and balance out the strength/size ratio. Start off light,then work your way into upping the weight and you will see a difference just after a month of doing them.

Try bodyweight bulgarians, add resistance slowly