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Left Leg More Sore Than Right


After doing single leg squats and some box jumps my left quad and glute is pretty sore, but my right leg feels fine. I did notice that my left leg got tired a bit quicker during my workout, but I was able to do all the same weight and reps. Any ideas?


I assume you worked both legs?


Yeah, I worked both legs.


Your legs must be imbalanced then.


Yeah, thats what I figured. Im just not sure why. It was my non dominant side, but I though that was generally more for arms and hands, not legs.


Keep doing 2-leg moves for coordination and strength while you continue single leg work to bring up the weak leg?


Any ideas what might have caused an imbalance? or is it just a normal thing. It was only slight difference.


Could be;

The sports you play or used to play

The way you sit

A tight Psoas

One flat foot

Hip sockets that are not symmetrical

Old injuries

Poor jumping technique

Poor landing technique

Femurs not the same length

You inhale/exhale incorrectly

Weak glutes

Weak quads

Weak hamstrings

Weak “core”

Weak obliques

Weak adductor

Weak abductor

Always carrying the man-purse on right shoulder


Weak tibialus

Partial Paralysis

Narrow clavicle


You will go crazy looking for a cause. If you want “balance” do some work on 1 foot and some work on 2 feet. Do some work with your feet wide, and some work with your feet close.


Damn! @FlatsFarmer I think you might be missing a few things! :wink:


It’s natural to have a dominant side. I do double and single leg training and my left leg has always been bigger and stronger. Mine is from basketball and baseball (I assume). I’m right handed so I jump off my left leg for right handed lay-ups and other shots. I was a pitcher in baseball and my left leg had to absorb all of the force that I was moving forward in my delivery. It was doing eccentric loading hundreds of times a game when I pitched. No surprise it’s bigger now.

I had more soreness in my right quad after a squat workout last week. I have a nagging injury in my left hip and I think I was compensating for the pain/weakness.