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Left Lat is Locked - Mobility Issue

I have an issue with my left lat which I believe is a mobility issue but I can’t find the root that causes the problem.

When my arms are extended in an overhead position and try to pull all the way down where I squeeze my shoulder blades in the middle of this movement I feel that my left lat is locked, I can bring my arms all the way to the back but it feels that my left lat muscle is doing 2 movements, is not painful but it doesn’t feel right as the opposite side. Think the movement like lat pulldown without weight.

My back relaxed:

Arms Extended:

The area that I feel my lat muscle is locked:

I don’t believe that is because of limited shoulder mobility, as every single workout I’m doing shoulder mobility exercises since I injured my left shoulder (supraspinatus tendonitis) last year.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions.

You could try doing light dumbbell pullovers every workout, I dont know much about mobility but after doing them every back workout I can extend my hands further back.

Sounds like a possible scapula issue. Might want to hook up with someone whom is qualified to make that call.

This is almost-definitely related to your current issue, possibly from some compensation that was happening before/during/after the injury. Like bulldog said, if you’re still in contact with your therapist, have them check it out.

A bunch of articles have drills and programming tips that can help to narrow down a cause and work towards a solution. I’d start with this one: https://www.t-nation.com/training/how-to-build-bulletproof-shoulders


Thanks for the advice I will check the link. Also I believe as bulldog said I have some kind of scapula issue.

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Check out this old thread.

As well as this new shit which has come to light.

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listen to FlatsFarmer, he is the truth

also i like that athleanx vid, will give that a try

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I did today some exercises and stretches that FlatsFarmer and Chris_Colucci suggested and I felt great. I was able to control my left lat better, I don’t know which exercise did the magic but my middle back, shoulders and lower traps were on fire after some lightweight sets. I want to thanks again my man @FlatsFarmer and @Chris_Colucci and I will keep you posted with my progress and if anything comes up.

Also is a good idea to do the drill every single workout or is too much? maybe 3 times a week?


I would seek out a really good physical therapist and/or chiropractor and/or massage therapist who has experience working with athletes. For something like this, soft tissue work and mobility work are generally the solution, and working with someone who has direct experience with your problem is an invaluable resource. Even a good strength coach can help with something like this, my own coach is a good example of that.


With mobility work, frequency is definitely king. It’s boring but it can help tons. Before training, before bed, after the morning shower, whichever way you can make it a consistent habit.